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At Global Industries, we believe that adopting holistic planning approach that focuses first on your life goals and aspirations can improve the chances of achieving the future that you envision.

Global Industries was founded on January 2002 by S. Bhupendra Singh and S. Amarjeet Singh. We have got strong and deep roots in manufacturing industry of various machine components. With a strong professional background and constantly striving to expand our current business by achieving precise client goals on time, we are called leaders in our field! We constantly receive kudos and commendable testimonials from our Clients that makes us a preferred choice over any other company in the market.
Director's Speaks
Mr. Bhupendra Singh (Director)
Mr. Bhupendra Singh the director of the company . He is one of the most successful and eminent Industrialist in the Industry. He is currently holding the position of Director in the Company. He is an accomplished business leader, persuasive speaker and a dedicated entrepreneur at providing strategic direction. He has an entrepreneurial style of management that is a blend of enthusiasm and dynamism and tends to focus on people’s strengths to bring out the best in them for the progress and Prosperity of self as well as for the Organization.

He personally reviews growth and expansion plans routinely to ensure sustained growth and hegemony in industry with an objective of maximum customer delight.
Mr. Amarjeet Singh (Chairman)
Mr. Amarjeet Singh An industrialist with rich business experience in the this Sector, he has been instrumental in forging new alliances and joint venture partnership with globally renowned names. The Group grew manifold under his dynamic leadership, established footprints globally and received numerous awards and recognitions. Moreover He is a passionate business Leader helping businesses them with their plans to scale up, Guiding them with strategic business inputs, as well as providing them with timely interventions and support.

He strongly believes in promoting the company and is actively involved in corporate social activities of Industrial World. His motto is to spread his industrial knowledge in this world.
Nature of Business
We offer heavy Fabrication & manufacturing work such as heavy boring work, rope drum machining, heavy structural Fabrication, heavy turning work, shaft machining, drum machining, heavy Engineering Component machining with material and job work. Also named amongst heavy component supplier, heavy machining outsources in Faridabad.
We are well equipped with latest technology machineries, staffed with a team of Engineers and Quality Inspectors in order to deliver high quality works with strict high accuracy & on time delivery with competitive price.
Machine Shop Capacity

Machine type (Lathe, boring, milling, VMC, VTL etc) CNC / DRO / Conv no. of m/c make of m/c "max wt capacity of m/c (kg)" "Max dia of job (mm)" Table size "Max Length or X travel(mm)" "Max Breadth or Y travel(mm)" "Max height or Z travel(mm)" W travel "Spindle dia(mm)"
VMC (CASER) CNC 1 CASER ITELY 5000   1500X3000 4000 2200 1300   BT50
VMC (SUPER) CNC 1 SUPER ITELY 10000   1700X5500 4700 1700 850   BT50
VMC (DAHLHI) CNC 1 DAHLIH TAIWAN 1000   550X1000 1000 550 600   BT40
VMC CNC 1 VWF 1500   600X1200 600        
VMC CNC 1 VWF 1500   530X1000 1200        
FLOOR BORING DRO 1 SHARPMRN 10000   1600X6000 6000 1800 1200   160
HORIZONTAL BORING DRO 2 WMW 3000   1300X1300 1600 1400 1500   90
HORIZONTAL BORING DRO 2 WMW 2500   1100X110 1200 1000 800   80
HORIZONTAL BORING DRO 2 TOSS 4000   1200X1200 1350 1200 1500   100
VTL IMPORTED DRO 1 IMPORTED 6000 2300 2200 MM CHUCK     1500    
VTL IMPORTED DRO 1 IMPORTED 3000 1250 1150MM CHUCK     100    
M1TR IMPOETED DRO 2 IMPORTED 500 600           BT40
LATHE MACHINE DRO 1 IMPORTED 8000 1100 1200 MM CHUCK 6200        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 1 BATAL INDIAN 3000 1600 1500 MM CHUCK 2500        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 1 BATALA INDIAN 3000 1500 1500 MM CHUK 3500        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 2 BATALA INDIAN 2000 1200 1000 MM CHUCK 2500        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 3 RAJKOT INDIAN 1500 650 600 MM CHUCK 1800        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 1 RAJKOT INDIAN 1200 500 500 MM CHUCK 1800        
LATHE MACHINE CONV. 1 RAJKOT INDIAN 2000 1000 1000 MM CHUCK 800        
MILLING MACHINE CONV. 1 HMT INDIAN 1500   350X1200   1200 350    
TAPING MACHINE SPM         6MM TO 24 MM TAPING          
HORIZONTAL BORING   1 MOUSER 8000   3500X2000          
HORIZONTAL BORING   1 PAMA 6000   2500X2000          
HORIZONTAL BORING   1 NILES 5000   1500X1400          
Crane Capacity

"Type of crane(EOT,Hydra,Chain Pulley)" "wt (tons)" "Hook Height(mtr)" No. of cranes
EOT 10TON 5.5 MTR 2
EOT 7.5 6MTR 2
EOT 5 6 4
Type of Manpower Count
Non tech staff i.e Office (sales, acc etc) 2
Tech. staff (supervisor / engineer) 3
QA / QC person 2
Welders 6
m/c shop operator 32
Fitters 2
Non skilled (Helper / labour) 6
Total 53
Welding Capacity

Name of machine (SMAW , MIG , SAW, TIG, FCAW) Ampere rating of welding set no. of m/c
MIG ESAB 600 2
MIG ESAB 650 650 4
ARC 1500 2

Power Backup
CUMINS Generator – 250 KVA
Workshop Area
12000 sq. ft. (Shed Area) + 12000 sq. ft. (Shed Area) + 12000 sq. ft. (Open Area) = 36,000 sq. ft. (Total Area)
Working Hours
12x6 (Sundays and National Holidays are off). Though, working hours can be customized as per client and job requirement.